Artisanal, All-Natural, Handmade Bath,
Skincare, Hair & Body Products


Created & Wildcrafted to be Mindful & Effective


Made with meticulously researched Botanicals, Pure Essential Oils & responsibly sourced
Organic & Sustainable Ingredients.

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Artisanal, handmade products, custom
crafted for a healthful lifestyle and intention


Bath, Beauty & Skincare to Nourish
& Restore your Mind, Body & Spirit

Milk Soap

Bogue Milk Soap bath, Body and Skincare Selections
are Meticulously Researched & Painstakingly Developed

Hair & Body

Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel
with Goat Milk Lotions, Hand Soap & Bath Wash


Essential Gift Sets for the Entire Family

'Tis The Season...

Enjoy a selection of Bogue Milk Soap hair and body products designed to lift your mood and raise your spirits.

N° 18 BESPOKE ‘Surf Rider’ Blend SHOWER GEL

N° 18 BESPOKE ‘Surf Rider’ Blend SHOWER GEL

The Surf Rider blend nurtures and protects sun-drenched skin. Rich lathering, conditioning, all natural, moisturising body cleanser with smoothing apricot kernel, aloe, & vitamin E for younger-looking skin. Valley of the Moon Hair + Body with Tea tree & carrot seed in sunflower soothe, protect & regenerate sun-damaged skin with cooling peppermint.

N°19 ‘Namaste’ Yoga Blend Organic Shampoo

N°19 ‘Namaste’ Yoga Blend Organic Shampoo

The "Namaste" Yoga Blend helps you connect more deeply to your breath, while added Patchouli leaves you calm and balanced. Formulated with Argan, Babassu and Kukui oils known for restorative and protective properties, rich in Omega 6, fatty acids & vitamin E giving regenerative benefits to hair and skin, amino acids that penetrate the hair shaft and leave hair looking healthy and moisturized.

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Client Testimonials
What do our customers think?

Love all of their soap products, which I use! Love the fragrances. I keep trying different ones because they all are wonderful.

I found Bogue Milksoap about three or four years ago and have had bars of Bespoke or Wellness soap at every sink and in the shower ever since.

Aside from the various individual properties of each bar, ALL of them do an excellent job of keeping my hands soft and moisturized. Before I used Bogue, my hands would get dry and cracked and feel like sandpaper. But now? My hands are very rarely red and itchy and dry from the winter cold.

I love using Bogue Milk Soap. Thank you for making such great products.”

I have used Bogue Soap for over one year and I keep it at every sink in my home. It does not dry out my hands like other soaps. I like the subtle, spicy-herbal aroma, as compared with other strong scented soaps. I was having a problem with itchy skin while undergoing a medical treatment. I started using Bogue Soap on my body, and the itching immediately lessened. This is my cleansing choice for life.

Perfect Gardeners Soap! I use this after gardening (and everything else!). I tend to get cracks in my fingers from most other soaps, this is the only soap I have found that actually cleans my hands after gardening without drying them out and causing the painful cracks. Now if she only did lotions….

Bogue soap really is the best ever for dry skin! I have tried many, many soaps during the winter months, and for the first time in years I can sleep through the night without waking up itching from head to toe. Thanks! Easy to use, soft on the skin, a closer shave than the canned stuff and kind of cool to go “old school”. Thanks Again!

The shave soap is great, too – and economical. I have been using the same cup for 5 months and I save a lot of money over the canned stuff. But the best thing – it absolutely, unequivocally, lifts the hair better than anything I have ever used! For the first time, I can shave without taking a shower first and still get a MUCH closer shave. Thanks Again!!

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