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  • Pure Essential Oil Hydrolizer Spray Bogue WELLNESS No.31 Rejuvenating Blend- Uplifting Lemon & Peppermint & healing Palo Santo

    $15.00 2oz
    • No Artificial Fragrance, Parabens, Sulfates, Harsh Chemicals, or Alcohol, cruelty free.
    • This aromatherapy spray may be used on the face, anywhere on the body or in the air to cover linens or clothing, breath in and inhale the therapeutic benefits.
    • Rebound with pure essential oils for your body, mind and wellness.
    • Rejuvenating Blend of Uplifting Lemon & Peppermint & healing Palo Santo
    • Uplifting, antioxidants Lemon & Peppermint with chemotherapeutic Palo Santo & Clary Sage. Appetite & immunostimulants of Frankincense & Myrrh & Lavender with Turmeric all combine to make a post exertion, trauma or treatment super rejuvenating blend.