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Here are some of the things people like about our soap –
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Bogue Milk Soap is gentle. I use it every morning on my face and I have “combination skin.” So, it helps with reducing the oil as it moisturizes. And, I like the small, decorative Bogue Milk Soaps – they make great gifts!
Cece Rebele
I have used Bogue Soap for over one year and I keep it at every sink in my home. It does not dry out my hands like other soaps. I like the subtle, spicy-herbal aroma, as compared with other strong scented soaps. I was having a problem with itchy skin while undergoing a medical treatment. I started using Bogue Soap on my body, and the itching immediately lessened. This is my cleansing choice for life.
Laura Newton
Perfect Gardeners Soap! I use this after gardening (and everything else!). I tend to get cracks in my fingers from most other soaps, this is the only soap I have found that actually cleans my hands after gardening without drying them out and causing the painful cracks. Now if she only did lotions…
Ventura, CA
Bogue soap really is the best ever for dry skin! I have tried many, many soaps during the winter months, and for the first time in years I can sleep through the night without waking up itching from head to toe. Thanks! Easy to use, soft on the skin, a closer shave than the canned stuff and kind of cool to go “old school”. Thanks Again!
Travis Walker
Atlanta, GA
The shave soap is great, too – and economical. I have been using the same cup for 5 months and I save a lot of money over the canned stuff. But the best thing – it absolutely, unequivocally, lifts the hair better than anything I have ever used! For the first time, I can shave without taking a shower first and still get a MUCH closer shave. Thanks Again!!
Travis Walker
Atlanta, GA
I’m in love with this soap. You really can’t go wrong with any of their products. I use the flea and tick dog wash soap on my dogs and I’ll never use anything else. My whole family has started purchasing Bogue Milk Soap. I promise, you won’t regret this purchase! Thank you for making such quality products!
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